a story to discover
Welcome starts at the Castel Ivano entrance gate. Almost by magic, you will be lead through its portal into a dream, away from the noise of the world.

The gravel of the alley gently cracking under your feet and the park around you will only be tiny fractions of the beauty that you will enjoy when seeing the Castle in its full-fledged magnificence and splendour.


Castel Ivano will envelop you in its atmosphere from the moment you enter its first gate. Like through a magic door you will enter an almost dreamlike place, the world will become distant.

The castle's large, flower-filled park, the panoramic view of the valley, the centuries-old trees and the enchanting views create a unique setting. The intimate and exclusive atmosphere will immerse you in a setting that is out of the ordinary.


Castel Ivano is a location that lends itself to different types of weddings, thanks to the variety of settings available and the possibility of customising and using them according to one's needs: from park to our elegant period rooms, there is space for special evenings among the stone vaults, aperitifs in the shade of the centuries-old oak tree, outdoor refreshments or ceremonies in the manor's large courtyards. We have several rooms, from the most spacious to the most intimate, with a view of the illuminated castle or the valley.


Romance, history and nature. A thousand years of emotions still preserve the sublime medieval charm and stylish details. For centuries, the courts of Castel Ivano have hosted rare moments with breathtaking colours. An incomparable beauty that knows how to make every wedding fabulous..

A Unique Location

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