Castel Ivano | OUTDOOR
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Castel Ivano boasts two wonderful courtyards surrounded by old walls and a park filled with flowers. Here, you can enjoy superb views of the landscape and find options to best organise your functions, celebrations and events.
The Castle can be reached through its lavish park, filled with century-old trees and flowers. The estate is overlooking the Valsugana as well as the Lagorai and Ortigara mountain ranges that are receptacles of history. The Castle old oak stands over the pool surrounded by a lawn large enough to arrange a function or a welcome buffet. The inner courtyard is the oldest of the Castle, with its century-old walls and wonderful flowers, and is the perfect place to organise intimate and impressive functions. The Courtyard of the Old Barn with its medieval tower, is a wide and multi-faceted space ideal for a buffet or outdoor reception.
Within the Castle walls, the Chapel where religious services can be performed.