Castel Ivano | The Castle
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The Castle

Welcome starts at the Castel Ivano entrance gate. Almost by magic, you will be lead through its portal into a dream, away from the noise of the world. The gravel of the alley gently cracking under your feet and the park around you will only be tiny fractions of the beauty that you will enjoy when seeing the Castle in its full-fledged magnificence and splendour. From the courtyards to the rooms as well as through its light and shades, everything changes with the changing of the seasons and, like in a fairy tale, you will realise the wonderous work by the Staudacher family to preserve the legacy of this Castle and turn it into a welcoming venue.

Cultural Events

The Castel Ivano Incontri Society organises different cultural events. Since early in the Eighties, the Castle was opened to the general public when exhibitions, conferences, literary meetings and concerts were organised and staged.
Some of the rooms are particularly suitable to stage classical music concerts and choral performances.
There are several exhibition rooms and outdoor spaces avalable.